156 Hours


Social Entrepreneur Jamie Green, who in 2014 spent 24 hours straight standing upright in a one-man-box on busy Degraves Street Melbourne to launch his first social enterprise helping the homeless, is now upping the ante.


Jamie is onto his next mission – to spend 156 hours living, eating, working, bathing and sleeping in a small, enclosed space, with no access to communication devices, technology or society.


Jamie, alongside friend and fellow crusader Zac Miguel, will for 6.5 consecutive days live inside an isolated space on Swan Street Melbourne, with a glass window their only connection to the outside world.   



The stunt's purpose is to give voice to the 35.8 million people trapped in modern day slavery, the 2.47 million trees lost to deforestation each day and the 21,000 people who die everyday from hunger and poverty related causes.


While one member of the duo sews tote bags to reflect the lives of the modern day slaves, the other will paint art representative of deforestation and poverty related death, which will be then auctioned off to raise money for these causes. 


Throughout the stunt celebrities, musicians, influencers and the general public will be invited to enter the locked space to show their support for the change revolution.


The stunt coincides with Marching Elephants' launch of brandsforgood.com, an online platform, which connects consumers with brands that support sustainable business practice.




As Jamie Green explains, ‘we want to see these things change in our lifetime. We want to create a movement where consumers and brands can move toward a more sustainable future.’


The event will take place in the YGAP event space at 111 Swan Street, Richmond and will run from 11 to 17 July 2016.


Join Brands For Good in becoming part of the change revolution.


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