4 things you didn’t know about long haul flights

Recently Channel 5 did a documentary called “Secret Life of the Long-Haul Flight”. The documentary follows a Qantas journey from London to Sydney and uncovered a few lesser known facts about long haul flights.

  1. There might be a Rhino in the cargo hold
    Dogs and cats are regularly transported in the hold, but far larger animals are taken on board too. Philip Knowles of JCS Livestock explains: “Every day of the year, you could be sitting there on a plane and below you don’t realise there are literally half a dozen animals. “The largest animal I’ve moved was a greater one-horned rhinoceros.”
  2. One billion plane meals are served each year
    The meals are prepared in vast kitchens on the ground. At one catering firm in London, used by Qantas has 105 chefs produce 31,000 meals a day, the documentary says.
  3. Upgrades do happen
    Tips for getting an upgrade? Choose a busy route, be a regular customer, have a genuine reason (height, pregnancy, honeymoon, faulty seat or entertainment system, etc) – or simply ask nicely.
  4. Passengers make some odd requests
    Marriage proposals aren’t uncommon, according to one Qantas employee. Meanwhile, Beth Windsor, a former flight attendant, told Telegraph Travel last year: “We’ve seen everything. Mid-flight strip-teases or mothers putting their babies in overhead lockers.”

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