Sep 2019
5 Simple Things

1. WEBSITE Bring A Trailer. This site will keep you up at night and fill your dreams with exotic cars way cheaper than you can buy them for in Australia. Porsche 911 for the price of a commodore anyone?


2. PODCAST ESPN - The Sterling Affairs If you're interested in the NBA this podcast is a must listen and even if you don't it contains all the elements of an amazing tale too crazy to be true. Sex, money, sport, racism and LA combine in a wild tale that is stranger than fiction.


3. Listen The Teskey Brothers - Run Home Slow. I just got this record on vinyl and its hard to take it off the turntable. The Teskey Brothers have a great feel for sixties era soul and blues that will put you in a time warp. Keep an eye out for tour dates as there live sound is something special.


4. Drink Ochota Barrels - Surfer Rosa - Pinot Noir Grenache To be honest it was the names of Ochota Barrels wines that grabbed my attention. Pulled from some of the greatest punk and indie bands they looked like something different and thats how they taste too. Interesting wines but not too weird spring is the perfect time to grab a bottle of Surfer Rosa and drink it in the sun.


5. Wear Redwing Chukka Boots. These boots are what I would consider a long term investment. The price might seem a little high up front but these could probably be handed down to your kids. Classic style and exceptional quality will payback that bit of time breaking them in.