5 Summer Beers

YULLI’S SEABASS LAGER A great refresher for a Summer’s day spent at the beach, this lager goes perfect with some fish & chips. We also can’t get enough of the epic can design Yulli’s keep producing.

VICTORIA BITTER A fan favourite here at Mr Simple, we love an icy cold VB on a Friday afternoon. After our roaring collaboration with Victoria Bitter at the end of last year, there’s always a sixer in the fridge.

YOUNG HENRYS NATURAL LAGER We like lagers, and the Young Henrys boys hailing from Newtown are all about serving the people, so it’s no surprise this lager makes the list. Made with no preservatives, this is a winner for when the weather’s hot. 

STONE & WOOD GARDEN ALE With their new brewery just around the corner from our Byron Bay HQ, we enjoy a beer or three after work more often than not. Especially with this midstrength, made for lazy summer days in the backyard.

MELBOURNE BITTERThe taste of home, Melbourne Bitter will always be a beer we find ourselves buying time after time. Made even sweeter when drinking it in our limited edition clothing from a few years back, keep your eyes peeled for something new this year.