Back in the Day - The Fifties

The fifties were an era of change that saw the rise of the rock and roll revolution. It was the time of legends, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bo Diddley and Eddie Cochran to name a few. Movies and television were new kids on the block, and the fifties brought Marlon Brando and James Dean to the forefront of the youth culture. In a moment where the war-hero image had dominated the media of the day, the younger generation searched for a new identity, and with their new found Hollywood heroes of Brando and Dean, a sub-culture was born, The Greasers.

Mostly confined to the working-class neighbourhoods, the Greasers searched for a new-found freedom. With the soundtrack of rock and roll, they donned their rolled up denim, tucked in tee's and rode together on their motorbikes, the new symbol of independence.

Mr. Simple has put together two basic looks that epitomise the roots of the Greasers. Plain tee's and denim. A look that was born in the fifties, re-hashed by the skinhead punks of the late 80's and a staple in modern day fashion today. Combining a tee with a rolled cuff denim will live on in the generations to come. It's pure simplicity, an effortlessly stylish look.



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