Cambodia : #simplejourneys

In the big scheme of things, I’d like to call myself a bit of a traveller. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot for work and try to travel for leisure as often as I can. But before this trip, I’d never seen South East Asia (I mean, I’ve been to Bali, but that doesn’t count.). Which was a funny one. Because this land and this culture that’s metaphorically worlds way from ours, is geographically, so close.

So, I got the opportunity to travel and document the work that Habitat for Humanity is doing over there. Habitat builds houses for the less fortunate, so that they have a place to call home. A great cause, and it was a pleasure to work with them over there. Thanks for having me guys.

Cambodia as a country was, wet, dirty, smelly and for the most part a little bit ugly. But that’s not to say that any of those come with a negative tone. It was this combination, and its stark contrast to the Western world, that gave it such appeal. Everywhere I went, was a sensory overload, of noise, colours, smells. It was chaos, albeit a surprisingly organised one. It was practically made for imagery.

The theme that rings the truest with most countries outside of the Western world, is always ‘the people’. And, after what I experienced in Cambodia I could not be more ready to jump onto that bandwagon. In spite of having nothing, they will offer you what they can. The smile on the face of the average Cambodian is constant, even in the face of adversity and real hardship. They’re appreciative, kind, helpful. But most of all, they’re accepting of a white guy running around, pointing a giant jetpack in their face. (DJI Ronin Gimbal+RED Camera)

I found Cambodia to be, at the risk of sounding cliché, life changing. Not in the ‘oh, I finally found myself and my chakras’ kind of life changing. The kind of life changing that just makes you take a step back and appreciate what you have, what you don’t and well, just life in general. I was only in the country for 9 days, so I didn’t even scratch the surface. But, I took some snaps and made a little video, that hopefully gives you a tiny glimpse into this amazing place.

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