Camp Fire Cooking

On our trip out West, we were accompanied by a good friend of Mr Simple, who was a chef in past days. We took camping meals to the next level and have given you some inspiration for breakfast, lunch and dinner below. It doesn't all have to be snags and woolies potato salad.

Cook a spaghetti bolognese the night before and use the leftovers to make jaffles the next morning, crack an egg over for a little bit of extra goodness.


For lunch put some marinated lamb, cherry tomatoes & feta on skewers, grill them on a hot pan over the fire while heating up some pita pockets in foil. Stack the pita pockets full with a garlic yoghurt sauce and enjoy the deliciousness. 


While making lunch, grill a pork shoulder over the fire to crisp it up. Put the pork shoulder in a camp oven with spices, potatoes, onion and stock. Leave it over the fire for 8 hours, be careful to control the temperature so it's not too hot or cold. Enjoy a slow cooked pork shoulder for dinner after a long day of fishing.

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