Carving it up at Simple Skills

There are plenty of ways to measure the success of our Simple Skills workshops, but the simplest one is when people don’t want to leave.


Which is exactly what happened with our most recent gathering on woodcarving. And who could blame folks for wanting to hang out, when Alby from Bayspoke Studio had provided a stack of spatula-shaped chunks of blackwood and his personal collection of classic hand tools, so punters could carve, file and shave their worries away.


Turns out, making a wooden spatula is trickier than it looks, but also more therapeutic too. “I could do this for hours,” one lady told her friend. And so they did.


Huge thanks to Alby for sharing his incredible depth of knowledge. If you’re in the market for a bespoke piece of high-end furniture (more pieces of art really) then check out his website here.    


Cheers to Balter and Salumi too. No greater pleasure than getting to learn from a master craftsman while eating and drinking perfectly crafted small goods and beer.

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