Datsun 240Z

My love of Datsun 240Z’s begun as a young boy in Zimbabwe. My grandmothers daily driver was a 240Z. Not your average Grandma, she had a style that would make Twiggy proud. In an old photo, she is dressed in knee high boots, a mini skirt and classic seventies sunglasses, standing proudly next to her bright white 240Z (she’d already had four grandkids by this point).

My personal nostalgic reasons aside, the number one reason I love this car is that, at the time, it was a working man’s sports car. It was affordable. You didn’t have to be a millionaire to own one of these; you could be a grandma in Africa and still be able to afford one. Although times have changed, the 240Z’s are becoming more of a collectors item these days, and the prices are shifting upwards, as they should, they are a beautifully designed car.

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