Ford Broncos That Definitely Have Two Doors and a V8

You might have heard some news a few weeks back about the 2020 Ford Bronco. Word on the street is the new Bronco might not be a V8 and will only be available with 4 doors. The original Bronco looked so damn good with just 2 doors and sounded fantastic with a big ol’ Windsor V8 up front so this news comes as a shock. So just in case here are some classic Broncos in the configuration that made it famous.

1968 Ford Broncoford-broncos-gear-patrol-68

1969 Ford Broncobronco

1973 Ford Bronco61865d82892136d6212d21e593362e81

1974 Ford Bronco v8

1977 Ford Bronco241501-1000-0@2x

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