Italy’s Abandoned Las Vegas-Style Town

In the early 1960s Mario Bagno an Italian entrepreneur bought up all the land in a small northern Italian town called Consonno. Kicking out residents and razing their homes he hoped to build a “city of toys” for both Milan’s elite and the city’s many tourists, which sits about an hour away.

The town was to have a Las Vegas feel, complete with a luxury hotel, malls, ballrooms and restaurants. When it opened in the late 1960’s it welcomed weekend partiers and played host to weddings. In 1976 a few years into construction a landslide took out the only road into town, as well as Bagno’s dream. In the later years Bagno tried to revive the town as a retirement community, but when he passed away in the mid 90’s his estate let the area dwindle.

All that remains today are the relics of would-be complexes, as well as some interesting graffiti.

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Il paese delle meraviglie...abbandonato - Consonno Tour Virtuale

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