… Land, ahoy! ️

What a lot of people need to understand, before they take their quest for happiness, is that the feeling they are searching for is not elation or joy. It is a clarity of one’s purpose in life, one’s motivations and an ability to purge that which burdens us each day.

A lot of individuals discover happiness and mistakenly label it “contentment” – a state of being at peace with one’s self and place in the universe – and, therefore, set their sails to the wind and continue on with their search for a land which, now, because of their lack of awareness of what they previously discovered, they are now on a search for an island which does not exist. Now, this journey will obviously be thwart with complication, confusion and, therefore, a lack there of happiness.

So it is vitally important for one to know what they will be looking at when they find it; & it is imperative that every individual in the pursuit of happiness understands that every other sailor on these seas is in their own boat, on their own journey, each with their own destination.

Along the way, we will find ‘life-minded’ sailors who travel along the open water in a similar direction and these you will call your “friends”. If we are lucky enough, along the way, one of these friends will be so alluring that love will spawn and you will ride out your days looking for land together.

Does that mean your “Land of Happiness” all of a sudden becomes the exact same island?

In a word, yes; however, now it is imperative that we understand the islands in which we discover are an archipelago – a chain of islands in which our happiness can be nurtured and developed. On one island – our relationship goals & happiness; on another – our personal goals & happiness; then there is a “family” island & a “friends” island. 

But, & this is an enormous moment of self-discovery, if we do not attend to each island then they can become overrun &, inevitably, obsolete – for love unattended to becomes a memory. I’ve always believed that “love is a verb”.

That also goes for ceasing to explore the ocean for other islands – new happiness’s: new vocation, new hobbies, new adventures, new, new, new! I’ve said to a number of ‘life-minded’ people that a sunset is one of the most beautiful aesthetic gifts we are offered from Mother Nature. However, if we lovingly gaze on the same sunset every day, the feelings for it would drastically change over time. Which is why it being imperative to see the little ways in which the sun reflects its happiness and changes the way it lights up your sky. Focus on one thing for as long as it marvels you, and when that becomes the “norm”, sit and watch closely again, close enough to find that little something else that simply amazes you as you’re allowed to be in its presence.

That, along with continuing the adventure that is life – exploring the seas for new feelings of happiness then coming back to all the islands of your archipelago and offering your new found excitements – will ensure that not a day is lost and that you continue to feel that happiness is not just a figment of your imagination… it is life.

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