Land Rover Defender 90

It’s no secret; we love Land Rover Defenders at Side.Life. At any time in our compound, there will always be a couple of Land Rovers floating around, old and new. There’s something nostalgic about them that says adventures and good times.

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We are used to them being very basic inside and out. When we came across this Land Rover Defender 90 over at Cool N Vintage, it was the first time we’d seen classic blended with modern. They’ve taken a Defender 90 and restored the exterior in an entirely classic manner while surprising us with a new interior. The asking price on this bad boy is €49,000, for us Aussies, that equates to just over $70,000. I’ll be honest, I don’t have $70,000 lying around, but if I did, I wouldn’t mind cruising around in this Defender 90 all summer long.

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Check out the full post at Cool N Vintage.

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