Simple City Guide - Melbourne

Simple City Guide // Melbourne

by Movember co-founder Travis Garone

Favourite Cafe?

North Island in North Fitzroy. Hands down the best coffee I know of, and I think I've tried every cafe in Melb. It's seriously good coffee, straight up, along with one of the most well-rounded, intelligent conversations you can have early in the morning.

Favourite Pub?

I have two favourites and they're perfectly situated just around the corner from each other. First, you must visit the iconic Labour in Vain Hotel - it's the closest establishment we have to a dive bar in Melbourne. Please don't feed the barmaid though (she bites). If it's a long night at the Labour, whip around to The Standard Hotel, my other home away from home. The best beer garden in Fitzroy, and most likely Melbourne, although I might be biased. The food is spot-on quintessential pub food, along with a front bar that keeps you honest.

Favourite Restaurant?

It's nearly impossible to call out one restaurant in Melbourne. If wine's your thing, you have to visit Hell of the North in Fitzroy. A hidden gem with a sensibility towards design, food and wine that isn't found just anywhere. The place has a good vibe that comes from a good crew. Like Gerald's Bar in Carlton North, which is another little gem.

A Shop You Like?

The last time I shopped and got pleasantly excited was at The Hub General Store in Collingwood. Curated within an inch of its life, it brings a craft and pride to the city that was missing. There's something about the overall colour palette and light in the space that calms you, despite the visual onslaught of products. A level of detail that impresses.

One Thing To Avoid?

The main city streets, if you can. This is a city that demands you take the backstreets, alleyways and laneways, and this extends to the inner-city suburbs as well. The true Melbourne isn’t found on the high streets. 

One thing everyone should do?

Take the shitty-looking laneways and tree-lined backstreets. Immerse yourself in the grit, and hunt down the hidden treasures, along with the passionate people making them what they are.  

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