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For those who aspire toward a completely sustainable lifestyle that’s also more adventurous, it may be tempting to go off the grid and get out of town, escaping the chaos of city life. Specht Harpman’s zeroHouse can be taken almost anywhere. All of its components can be transported by two flatbed trucks and it takes less than a day to assemble — not to mention, it can stand on inclines of 35 degrees, sit in water 10 feet deep, and even endure 140 mph winds. The building is climate-controlled and energy-independent, with high-efficiency appliances and air conditioning.

The zeroHouse generates its own power, processes its own waste, collects and stores rainwater, and requires minimal maintenance.




For those who prefer to chase storms rather than run away from them, the Colorado-based Autonomous Tent Co. specializes in customizing luxurious, semi-permanent buildings that can resist batterings from heavy snow and hurricane-force winds up to 90 mph — while also boasting top-of-the-line water filtration, waste composting, wind power and solar technology.


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