It’s not every day that you come across an audio company handmade in our backyard of Australia. Based in the beautiful Brunswick Valley in Northern New South Wales, BRUNS acoustics is a group of talented individuals who left their corporate careers behind to pursue a more sustainable dream. The result was beautiful hand-crafted speakers that feel like they were born in the 70’s. Thankfully, BRUNS understands that technology has progressed in the last 40 years, each speaker comes with a Bluetooth system. Don’t stress; you can kick back and control the playlist from the comfort of your chair.  David Jonsson sat down with BRUNS founder, Phil Johnson to chat about all things BRUNS Acoustics.


What inspired you to create BRUNS Acoustics?
It was the desire to make something purely to please myself. After years designing products for other companies it was time to make a product that fuelled my soul.


The speaker designs have a nostalgic feeling to them, a tip of the hat to old guitar amps some might say, was this intentional?
There is no question they have a vintage feel but it didn’t really happen that I saw an amp and said that look cool! We tackled this project like we would for any of or corporate clients! We did extensive modelling to ensure our form factor was right! We had to make sure our volume in the cabinet could support our acoustic Requirements. We built our amp design from scratch. To me it’s classic styling meets old world values!!


Are the rumors true that you’ve milled wood from your own backyard to create some of the BRUNS speakers?
Yes we have our own band saw mill and mill camphour and other native woods that people give us. People around the area have been very generous and given us fallen trees to mill. The hard part is the timber needs to be dry before we can use it. That can take time around here!! Wood working in this climate can be tricky. You can’t take short cuts.

Aside from building beautiful speakers, what role does music play in your life?
Music has played a huge part in my life. I love to play and collect guitars! I love gritty delta blues and old school hip hop!! My taste does not follow genres. I really like a broad range of music to me it’s like food what are you in the mood for! Good is good!!


If you could put on a one night show with any three musicians/bands, dead or alive, what would Phil Johnson’s line up look like?
With out a doubt Jimi Hendrix !!! Being a guitar player I would love to see him live. Stevie Ray Vaughn I watched Stevie from the front row one time and was so memorized by his playing that whenever I hear his music I remember that night!! I tried to add someone still alive but  Bob Marley pushed them out!! What can you say he just made people come together!! His music is timeless and I’m not a big reggae fan but Bob was truly the man!!!


Any exciting projects in the pipeline for fans of the BRUNS brand to look forward to?
We are coming out with a battery powered model that has some very cool features. We are also doing some new colors!! And we are always looking for new species of salvaged wood!!



Interested in getting your hand on BRUNS speaker? Head over to their website, www.brunsacoustics.com