Aug 2018
Simple Skills #4 Cooking with smoke

Typically, we like to keep our Simple Skills workshops small, so everyone gets a personalised lesson on the subject matter, whether that be film photography or sausage making.

Last month, however, we had a hunch that learning to cook with smoke might be popular, so we doubled the number of tickets, opened the doors to the Department of Simple Things a little wider than usual and stood back.

The crew at Simple Skills 4.  Whetting the whistle with a few Balters before sampling smoked wild deer

Hosted by local chef Darren Robertson from the Three Blue Ducks, not only did everyone get schooled on smoking deer leg three ways, but we premiered a short film beforehand (below) starring Mark LaBrooy – another Blue Duck – hunting and butchering the wild deer that was being lovingly carved up by Darren and his team.

“Sustainably sourced meat like this,” one guy said to another in between bites. “Even my vegan mates would be into it.” 


Thanks to Yeti, Traeger and Cape Productions for backing the film and Balter and Salumi for helping make the night so delicious.            

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