Simple Skills #5 Ready to rock!

There are skills that whip up a primal desire in men (and women) and building stuff out of rocks in one of them. 

Stonemasonry is also one of those jobs – like house painting or running the country – that pretty much everyone thinks they could do. “It’s just stacking rocks on top of each other mate,” they say. “I can do that.” rocks-ready-to-stack-for-simple-skills-stonemasons

In reality, building a stone wall that won’t fall over and kill someone is almost impossible, which is why we got the legends from Bay Area Stoneworks to help us learn the basics.

tools-of-the-trade-for-a-stonemason-simple-but-effective Andy and Stu turned up with a ute full of rocks and ran through everything from digging footings to sorting cornerstones from capping stones, before stepping back to give everyone a crack.

a-wheelbarrow-full-of-rocks-n-stuff And while the end result wasn’t beautiful, everyone went home with dirt on their hands and a smile on their face.