The 72 Hour Cabin

When you hear the 72 hour cabin you probably think the name refers to the time they take to erect, but instead it relates to the amount of time you spend there.

The Swedish quality of life is famously high-ranking. What’s the secret? A new case-study will investigate the effects on health of living in Swedish nature. What if it could make us feel better – and in only 72 hours?

As part of a study by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, five people from Britain, Germany, France, and the USA, will spend their time in idyllic conditions, surrounded by nature in a glass-clad cabin while their well-being is monitored. The aim of the project is to explore the effects of the unique relationship Swedes have with nature – and to invite the world to experience it too.

72-Hour-Glass-Cabin-Sweden3Meet the participants