The Bikers of Biarritz, Photographed by Tom Cockram

London-based photographer Tom Cockram recently travelled to the Wheels and Waves festival–  a three-day event celebrating all things surf and motorcycle-related. The event has been a yearly gathering since 2014, held in the French the seaside town of Biarritz. Cockram spent the entirety of the festival in the picturesque city photographing the gnarly festival, which are now on view at the Hoxton Gallery in London.

“I spent three to four days in Biarritz,” says Tom. “I wanted to give a sense of the people and characters who attend rather than document the event itself. I was lucky that the whole trip gave me an opportunity to explore three of my passions – surfing, portraiture and photography.”

The array of grizzled tattooed bikers is captured against the contrasting flat white skies of the France, offering a gallery of portraits that capture a unique moment within the summer season. The annual event offers a simple yet impactful way for bike and board enthusiasts to congregate amongst each other under the French sun, producing in a unique gallery of  seasoned tattoos, badass leather jackets, sick beards and sweet rides. Tom Cockram is currently making his first film, Arctic Surfers, that looks at the sport in Iceland. For now, enjoy his photos of the Bikers of Biarritz.

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Via: Be Street

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