The Paper Kites – Midnight Tour Diary.

23rd June – Enmore Theatre, Sydney.

Roll over… press snooze… realize you’re running late for your flight.

Tour began in a rush. Despite the weeks of rehearsal, planning, filming, thousands of emails, texts and whatsapps. The reality of tour actually starting seems miles away until you’re muttering about slow traffic on the ring road to Tullamarine.

With too many guitars, fresh set designs in coffin cases and bewildered looks from people who think we may be carrying dead bodies, we finally arrive at The Enmore Theatre, for not only the first show of the tour, but our very first headline show here!

The ‘Midnight’ show is based around a film projected on to four windows. The film tells the story of four characters who’s lives and relationships intertwine and take shape through four windows of small apartments. We are essentially the soundtrack to this experience which hopefully will speak differently to each person viewing. Despite having two nights of dress rehearsal, our set up at the Enmore was like a first date, awkward, sweaty and borderline disastrous! The media server was not communicating with the projectors and the whole premise of the show was in jeopardy! Luckily with the help of the excellent crew, we ended up running four individual laptops for each projector. As the intro track was cued a few of us loped on behind the set (to sporadic applause) to manually start the film on each laptop simultaneously! It was shaky but we got there! It was a relief to get through the show with correct timing to the film. Though it’s loose enough that we can relax, too far out and we’d finish the show before the film is done! Good laughs with the crew were had afterward and tensions were eased with good times. Despite the hiccups, it was great to be in Sydney again, see some old friends and play in such a beautiful room!


24th June – Atheneum Theatre, Melboure.

We landed in Melbourne and headed straight to the Atheneum Theatre. Not before a longer than needed stop at the shops to get some food and bevvies for backstage. Arduous yet diplomatic decisions ensued. Is Rogers a crows pleaser? Will people drink white or red? Are Doritos better value than CC’s?

The Paper Kites are bound to have lots of family at our hometown shows. In fact this night was my dads birthday. As Sam tuned his guitar to finish the encore, I stalled for time with the announcement of my Dads 70th. This was followed with a rousing chorus of happy birthday. My Dad sheepishly stood up, then waved and proudly took a bow. I’m pretty sure he tells this story to everyone he meets. ‘Then the whooooole theatre sung me happy birthday!!”.

The show was great even though the set was pretty snug this time. One of my favorite moments of the night had to be Josh getting propositioned while packing the van. An intoxicated young lass, promised hungry jacks and good times, all of which were turned down while Josh’s wife looked on laughing.


25th June – Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane.

So stoked to be playing at the Tiv again! The last time we played here was Jan 14, I think… with Bombay Bicycle Club. Our supports on this tour have been so rad. Luke Thompson is such a legend and has brought his family along to the show. They are all from New Zealand, although based in Australia now after selling all their stuff and moving here. They travel around in a campervan and teach their two kids on the road! What in inspiration! Luke is such an honest songwriter and one of those guys I’d describe as ‘real’. I know Leopard from Sydney have been amazing to watch already. Such a talented band, and they were exceptionally good tonight. ‘Hold This Tight’ became the song everyone had stuck in their heads for the rest of the trip. We finally all had a chance to go for a drink after the show headed in to the consuming darkness of fortitude valley.


1st July – Astor Theatre, Perth.

THE SUN!! There’s one thing about living in Victoria, you really appreciate the sun in winter. We spent lazy hours in record stores and cafes in the city before setting up at the infamous Astor. We killed more time outside the venue in the sun, procrastinating from setting up. The sun soaked afternoon set the tone for the night. It was so great. Hanging out in the dressing rooms listening to tunes and practicing my Spanish with the Guzman y Gomez waitress were among the highlights. The show was great and the crew couldn’t have been more helpful.


2nd July – Norwood Town Hall, Adelaide.

Election day is sweet when you’ve already voted early. Oh yeh! Felt like I handed in an assignment early or something. Also today was the closest we have ever some to getting in a biffo. We headed to a pub down the road for dinner and a pint, and the were some absolute bazzas out tonight. One drunk yobbo was trying to give away his 4 year old daughter to us as we watched the footy. And a red faced bafoon, quickly mistook a comment about the footy as a direct insult at him, and things escalated. He barged our table, spilling our beers at which we stood up in protest. He threatened all of us as we told him to sit down and be a good lad. Security kicked him out as we sat down and finished what was left of our beers with white knuckled hands.

We had a strange yet satisfying last show at the old Norwood. One of the crew told me there was a ghost of a little girl to look out for up on the mezzanine, pretty sure he was havin a laff, but it didn’t keep from checking a couple of times. Nothing. All in all a great yet short tour. Seemed like a lot of prep and hard work for only five shows! Maybe we’ll have to take Midnight on the road again?

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