The ultimate New Zealand adventure

When we came across New Zealand based Trekker Adventures, it’s safe to say our hearts ticked a little faster. Sitting in our office, dreaming of adventuring through New Zealand, we fired off some questions to Bill Neville of Trekker Adventures to find out about their operation and get some local tips. Their garage is full of 90’s and 110 Defenders, equipped with everything you would ever want for a solid adventure. Starting with a trusty Weber to the all important chilly bin (that’s Kiwi for an Esky – yes, your beers will be nice and frosty) and of course, a classic rooftop tent to top it all off.

Cruising through NZ

Bill, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Firstly, how long have Trekker Adventures been operating in NZ?
Thank you – We started operating end of 2015

Covered in snow

What was the vision when you first started Trekker Adventures?
To enable people see parts of New Zealand that most don’t get to – and make it easy to do so by having travel and accomodation combined

Camping in the snow

Where is your favourite place to get off the beaten track in NZ?
Northland (close to Auckland but feels like a world away)

View from the rooftop tent

What’s your advice to anyone wanting to head over to NZ for a Trekker Adventure?
Just do it! We’ve got a range of options to suit any need (ranging from 2 to 5 seaters, manual or automatic).

Cruising on the beach

There is only one Defender, when did your love affair with Defenders begin? A friends family had an old one when I was young and ever since then I was hooked.

the evening begins

Sadly, we saw the last Defender come off the production line at the beginning of this year, how do you take the news?
It was a sad day for such an iconic vehicle and the cult following they have, hopefully if & when they reintroduce them they keep their character and rugged charm.

Enjoying a fire on the beach

Will you stay strong with Defenders or will you look at adding a different model to the quiver?
We’re open to customer feedback on what people want, but as of now they have told us they want Defenders!

Ready to sleep

Finally, we’ve got the Top 3 Side.Life road trip questions, what’s your favourite…
Road Trip Song: Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads
Road Trip Food: Fish and chips or a steak and cheese pie
Road Trip Must Have: Plenty of good tunes

Wake up in Paradise

If you don’t own your own Defender and have a dream of going on an amazing adventure, get in contact with Trekker Adventures. They have a variety of vehicles that can be tailored to individual requirements, for both long and short trips.

Choose your own adventure.

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