Tips for solo roadtrips

Road trips are generally enjoyed most with a group of mates. Unfortunately not everyone has the same schedule and making plans with a group of people can be tough. But that’s no reason to cancel your road trip. There are pros and cons to traveling alone so here are a couple tips and tricks to make you more comfortable hitting the open road on your own.

When traveling solo we recommend having a game plan. Its good to let one or two people know where you are planning to go and how long for, mainly because most of the off road good spots can have dodgy cell service and if something does take a turn you there is someone who knows you’re out there.

The second thing we recommend when hitting the road solo is packing a kit of tools and first aid supplies. Having basic first aid skills and a kit can be very beneficial in a sketch situation. Having a little tool kit that can help you out if you have any problems along the way like breakdowns of a flat tire.

Its up to you where you wanna go and what you wanna see, even just setting up a hammock at your new location and catching some extra sleep or taking in the view can be a great way to spend the day. Tired of doing this? Well, bust out that paper map you have and check out some areas for your next stop. Did I mention you should carry paper maps?

Remember not every trip that starts solo remains that way. Don’t be afraid to make new friend while traveling and learn their stories of being on the road. Meeting new people and hearing their stories can be a great way to stay entertained and pass the time.