Did you ever feel the urge to sleep in a piece of art? Well, then this is your chance! If you find yourself in Amsterdam this month you might get to experience a unique campsite that’s less about the surrounding scenery, and more about the accommodation you’re staying in. UrbanCampsite is the place where a camping and unique artistic objects meet. You can stay in beautiful, special, sometimes crazy works of art furnished as a hotel room. The UrbanCampsite offers its guests all the amenities of a normal campsite … and quite a lot more than that!


Boomhuttenfest – Tubalow

A luxury bungalow made of a sewer tube, with a pantry and sleeping area, ideal for those who want to try everything in life. Strange enough sanitary lacks, but is luckily close by


Koele Kachels – Dakloos (homeless)

Wink to homelessness in a wheeled waste container. This one is cozy and equipped with a sliding roof, through which you can enjoy the stars from your bed.

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