Waking Up Early


For years I wanted to be a “morning” person but when my alarm went off all the good intentions in the world couldn’t pull me out of bed. In my defence I did have an evening job that was often followed by knock off drinks with work mates after. Plus if I got up at 11:00am I still had 7 hours of the day before having to go back so what was the rush. I could get a couple hours of snowboarding in, catch up with mates for lunch. But I still always felt tired and sluggish.

It wasn’t till my friend suggested we do a 1/2 marathon, thats something I have never done but thought why not. We had 3 months to train, the only thing is she had kids so the only time she had to sneak in training was before they had school (8:30am). Four mornings a week at 7:00 am we were to meet. The first morning wasn’t easy, I thought about hitting the snooze button and never looking back. Leaving my warm bed at 6:30 on a cold Autumn morning wasn’t something I desired. If I didn’t have someone to meet the same old routine of hitting the snooze button and saying to myself “tomorrow, i’ll get up early tomorrow” would have happened. That right there was the key to my early morning success. Having to be accountable to someone besides myself. We did the race 3 months later and I changed my morning ways. Now sleeping past 7:00am is a rare occurrence. Here are some simple steps that helped me change my morning routine.

  1. Put your phone/alarm clock away from your bed so you are forced to get out of bed and don’t even think of hitting that snooze button. Hitting your alarm’s snooze button doesn’t give you more of the restful REM sleep. Your body and mind aren’t recuperating you’re just wasting time.
  2. Create some accountability, Recruit a friend to hold your feet to the fire. Nothing motivates me more than knowing my friend will never let me down if I pull a a.m no show.
  3. Stick to your wakeup time, Your body becomes conditioned to this and regulates your sleep patterns accordingly.
  4. Good tunes, start the day right with one of your favourite tracks.


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