Abandoned tunnels are alway good fun to explore. In the Northern Illawarra, Helensburgh area there are six disused rail tunnels. The most talked about tunnel is the Otford Tunnel, measuring a whopping 1824m in length. The tunnel opened on October 3 1888. It more than double the length of any of the other five tunnels.

Stanwell Park Entrance

As long as you have a good torch, it is easy to walk through the tunnel. But it is a long way and takes a while. The floor is mostly clear walking, although you need to be careful in places where an old brick culvert runs along the floor. In places the culvert is exposed. In about the middle of the tunnel is an old abandoned tractor of some type.


The Otford tunnel closed in 1920, and became a mushroom farm. Now, it is a deserted area, although rumours of an angry ghost are abundant.


As you walk through the tunnel, after you complete the bend, you can see light at the far end. But its a long long way off and takes a while to reach it. It took us about half an hour or so.

For more history on the Otford Tunnel click HERE



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