Photo by Dan Soderstrom

Formed in 2009 by Sam Bentley and Christina Lacy and soon joined by the talented Dave Powys, Josh Bentley and Sam Rasmussen, The Paper Kites have evolved and established one of the biggest followings in present Australian music.

Categorized as an Indie Folk band, the five piece multi-instrumental performers all hailing from Melbourne are quickly making tracks around the globe. After four EP’s and various singles they have come out with a new album – States, which came out in 2013 through Canadian based record label Nettwerk. States was produced by Wayne Connolly and why not. This guy has produced some of Australia’s biggest acts like Neil Finn, The Vines and Silverchair to most recently Hungry Kids of Hungry and Dappled Cities. That sound that has been so popular before and is popular now oozes throughout the album in a nostalgic way, a way that feels like all of the tracks mould so well they could be one.

The Paper Kites – States

Just before The Paper Kites left for what must seem like another International tour, they popped in to our HQ. Throughout the afternoon we shared stories, spoke about how Canada has become their second home, how their sound has been really well received all while the boys were playing on the instruments in the office, rotating from lead to bass to drums effortlessly creating new riffs.

Later that night we caught their show at The Great Northern in Byron Bay. If you haven’t had a chance to catch them perform, you must. Simple visuals that grow throughout the show, heaps of instrument changes between the band, break downs that must be designed to make you contemplate to yourself that progressively change to a beautiful melody with that folky rhythm forcing the crowd to dance in unison.

David Powys

L-R: Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen, Sam Bentley

The Mr Simple family wish them to best on their next adventures and can’t wait to get them back out to the HQ for another jam… Hopefully to a bigger audience. Make sure you also check out their pages and websites, listen to their album if you haven’t, it’s pretty perfect for many an occasion.

The Paper Kites US/Canada Tour

L-R: Sam R, Josh, Dave, Christina, Sam B


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