Making Mr Simple

Life made simple starts with the idea that we need to be open minded


Mr Simple designs are grounded in the importance of a life made simple. We make pieces for inspired men: designed and built ethically, and honed to a fine aesthetic point.. An attention to fit, fabric and colour is the key to our design decisions.


We value all people that are part of the process of making our clothing. From the field to the shop floor, every person is an important part of our team. We work closely with our factories, to ensure the safety of all people and their surrounding environment.


We have spent a long time at Mr Simple, building relationships with our factories to ensure we are proud of the products that we deliver to you.


In 2003 we opened a shop at 245 Brunswick Street Fitzroy called The Lab Store. From The Lab the concept of Mr Simple was born. As we looked for clothing that didn't have prominent logos and was rooted in a classic style we decided to make our own.


Interested in a career with Mr. Simple?