Not Basic. Simply Better.

Constructed with premium fabrics, such as organic cotton, sustainable hemp and linen.
The Mr Simple collection focuses on cut, fabric and quality. Logos and branding are kept to a minimum so your personal style can say it all.

Support Sustainability with Ethically Made Men's Casual Jackets, Available from MR SIMPLE in Brisbane

Do you ever think about where your clothing originates? Perhaps you've glanced at the tag in your old jacket and wondered about the person who stitched it together. What about when the fabric was dyed? Where did the material for your clothing come from in the first place? It's not a minor thing to wonder about: all our clothing goes through many hands before we don any of it for the first time. In a world where the textile industry has often been a haven for exploitative labour, it makes sense to want to make a difference by placing your support elsewhere.

At MR SIMPLE, we create clothing with an ethical focus and a passionate drive to create a better world for everyone involved in the process. When you purchase one of our men's casual jackets in Brisbane, you can do so knowing that every resource has gone into ensuring an organic and ethical production process. Of course, besides the effort we place into providing quality products, you will also find our men's jackets to be simply stylish and very modern. They are perfect for complementing any outfit, especially if you plan to spend an evening out with your friends.

Men's casual jackets for active Brisbane residents

We often don't spend as much time choosing outerwear as we do what goes beneath it; a carefully selected tee and a well-fitting pair of chinos is the core of your outfit. A jacket might be something you throw on as an afterthought — but it doesn't have to be that way. Instead, it could be the perfect complement to your entire outfit. That is a core part of the philosophy behind MR SIMPLE.

Sustainability and ethical production is another, though. When you purchase one of our men's jackets in Brisbane, your support ripples back all the way to those who produce the fabric. We visit the factories producing our clothing personally and work only with those who can guarantee fair labour. Our reliance on organic-only fabrics also means your clothing helps reduce harmful impacts on the global environment. The result is a series of garments that any man can be proud to wear. You will look and feel good — and that inspires confidence in your everyday life.

Search for your new look with MR SIMPLE today

As a source for men's jackets in Brisbane, you will find MR SIMPLE to be home to incredible style for inspired individuals. Combined with the ethical approach and care we pour into every step of the production process, they're more than just jackets: they're a personal statement. What will you say about yourself with the way you dress? Let us help you find the style that says everything you want.

Take a moment to explore our full collection online to visualise the many potential combinations you can create — then visit our store to try on your favourite jackets in person. Click here to view our locations.