You’re a simple kind of guy: you like clothes that look good and feel comfortable but aren’t huge on the whole ‘shopping’ thing. When you buy something new, you want to know that it will survive the cycle of fashion. You don’t want to go shopping for men’s jackets in Melbourne today and then have to repeat it in a year because whatever you bought fell out of fashion. On the contrary, you want to find something timeless and cool. Something simple, that suits you.

MR SIMPLE: An Easier Way to Shop, an Easier Way to Live

At MR SIMPLE, we built our brand around making shopping—and life in general—simpler for guys like you. We don’t try to be at the cutting edge of fashion because we know how easy it is for a sharp edge to go dull. Instead, we offer a life made simple—a way to look good without having to keep up with the latest trends or set aside time and money for another shopping trip every few months.

As our brand name suggests, we accomplish our goal—of providing men with an easier way to look good—by keeping things simple. No matter how much fashion evolves and changes, the elements of attractive clothing designs remain the same. To us, at least, those elements are fit, fabric and colour. Whether you are shopping for T-shirts in Sydney, dress shirts in Brisbane or men’s casual jackets in Melbourne, these factors are universally important. By putting the focus back on fit, fabric and colour—instead of flashier aspects or additions—MR SIMPLE makes clothes that will still look good in 10 or 20 years.

The problem with clothing that reflects the latest fashion is that their success often limits the amount of time they stay in fashion. Our designs are timeless precisely because we don’t worry about the cycle of trends, giving you the opportunity to be timeless as well.

Find the Right Men’s Casual Jacket in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a men’s jacket in Melbourne and want to find something that looks fantastic and feels terrific without too much fuss, stop by MR SIMPLE. We will help you find the right jacket, in the right fabric and colour and with the perfect fit.

Currently, MR SIMPLE has seven retail locations throughout Melbourne, including stores at the Melbourne Airport, the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre and Emporium Melbourne. We are also always expanding and opening new stores, so there’s a good chance we will be bringing even more options to Melbourne shoppers soon. If you are shopping for a men’s casual jacket in Melbourne and want to find a store near you, click here for a full listing of MR SIMPLE store locations.

Shopping for new clothes should be fun, not something you look upon as a chore. With MR SIMPLE, shopping is easier and more enjoyable, thanks to the simplistic, timeless nature of our designs. We hope to see you in one of our Melbourne stores soon!