No one wants to be a walking billboard, but too often, that’s what big clothing brands are asking their customers to be. It makes sense: if a clothing company can sell a jacket or shirt and get free advertising from their customers, that’s a double win. If you’re searching for men’s jackets online and getting frustrated by the number of logos or other brand signifiers that seem to appear on every single garment, though, it’s certainly not a ‘win’ for you.

MR SIMPLE: Where the Customer Comes First

At MR SIMPLE, our belief is that the customer should always come before the brand. When you’re shopping for a men’s casual jacket online, your top priorities are likely to find a jacket that looks cool and comfortable. You want something simple and timeless that looks flattering on you—not something that will forever be dated by a cheesy logo design, or something that distracts with its slogans or brand messaging.

‘Simple,’ ‘timeless’ and ‘uncluttered’ are all terms that have been used to describe the clothing we sell at MR SIMPLE. Where other brands might cover their clothes with logos and other junk, our garments are blanks slates, simple jackets, tees, summer shirts and other items that emphasise design, colour, material and fit where other companies might emphasise themselves.

For proof that we put the customer first, click here and look at our men’s jackets and outerwear online. From parkas to bomber jackets and khaki jackets to denim jackets, the outerwear we sell is simple but eye-catching. You won’t see a single logo on any of these jackets, and we only put our brand name on the inside collar. Instead, our focus rests on providing shoppers with proven designs in great colours and a range of different sizes.

Ultimately, we think the clothes we sell speak for themselves—without all the branding and logos that other retailers might incorporate into their designs. From casual jackets to tees, the clothes we design look good enough—and make you look good enough—that word about MR SIMPLE tends to get around. Suffice to say there’s a reason that we have been able to expand from having a single store location in 2008 to having a dozen stores to (as well as an Australia-wide online store). We’ve seen slow and steady growth not because of excessive branding, but because of high-quality product. That’s how our customers like it, and that’s how we like it, too.

Find the Perfect Men’s Casual Jackets Online at MR SIMPLE

If you’re tired of jackets covered in logos or only available in brand colours, forget the big names and start shopping at MR SIMPLE instead. We’d be honoured to help you find a simpler, more casual men’s jacket in our online store. Once again, here’s the link to our jackets and outwear section. If you have any questions about one of our jackets, feel free to give us a call on (02) 6680-9886.