If you’re making a concerted effort to live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle, then finding a store that sells ethically sourced clothing is a must. Your first thought when shopping for men’s casual shirts in Byron Bay might not necessarily be about the environment, but in some ways, it should be.

The production of conventional cotton, which is used in most T-shirt designs, typically requires an enormous amount of pesticides and other chemicals. Indeed, if you are wearing a T-shirt made with conventional, non-organic cotton, the production of that shirt alone may have required the use of 0.15 kilograms of pesticides. Needless to say, in a drawer full of T-shirts, that chemical usage—and what it can do to fragile ecosystems and wildlife—add up to something substantial.

MR SIMPLE: Your Source for Organic Cotton Men’s T-Shirts in Byron Bay

At MR SIMPLE, we want to do our part to protect the environment. For that reason, we try to make sure that all our sourcing—from the fabrics we use to the factories we hire for manufacturing—is ethical and eco-friendly.

That commitment extends to the men’s short sleeve shirts we sell in Byron Bay, Melbourne and other cities throughout Australia. All our T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton crops are grown in a safe, sustainable way. Instead of using fertilisers, organic cotton farmers rely on compost, crop rotations, and other strategies. Instead of using weed killers, organic cotton farmers rely on innovative farm tools and machinery, as well as good old fashioned labour. Instead of using pesticides, organic cotton farmers use trap crops or introduce beneficial insects to the crop environment to eradicate more harmful pests.

Collectively, these strategies lead to cotton products that are just as high in quality as those grown without organic techniques, but that also leaves much less of a footprint behind. Of course, this basic claim can be made for any organic crop over its non-organic counterpart. However, the point is of particular importance for cotton, given the fact that conventional cotton crops rely on more chemicals than virtually any other type of crop. Indeed, traditional cotton crops account for 25% of global annual pesticide use. This heavy chemical usage hurts animals and ecosystems, and also often results in the poisoning and death of cotton farm workers in developing countries.

Fight Against Conventional Cotton by Shopping at MR SIMPLE

As you can see, fighting against conventional cotton and pushing the market towards a more sustainable alternative has potential to benefit the planet in multiple ways. You can start by shopping for your men’s casual shirts at Byron Bay’s MR SIMPLE locations. From short sleeve T-shirts to long sleeve tees, our men’s shirts are completely organic and ethically sourced. We help you look good without the baggage of owning unethically sourced products.

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