When it comes to clothing staples, a few pairs of chinos should be high on your list. You can wear men’s chinos in Byron Bay in casual to formal scenarios, meaning that one pair will get you a lot of mileage out of the rest of your wardrobe. If you’re trying to choose a pair of chinos, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you end up with the perfect pair.

Chinos come in many different colours, and you can feel free to choose the colour that best expresses your style and personality – but the fit is really the key to making sure you look your best. Pick a pair that complements your height and build. Fitted chinos usually work well; make sure they are neither too tight nor too baggy. Fitted chinos tend to give you a more streamlined and leaner look, and pair very well with a lightweight, button-down shirt tucked in for a neat, effortless look. A woven belt is a great way to finish off the outfit.

Make sure that your chinos are not too long. You can hem your pants for a sharp, sleek aesthetic, or even cuff them as a quick tailoring fix that will add to your style. Shorter-cut pants can look more youthful, but be sure that they aren’t too short, as this will subtract from your outfit’s classic look.

Men’s chinos on the Gold Coast are easy to incorporate into any wardrobe and come in many colours and styles. Find your perfect pair at MR SIMPLE.