Not Basic. Simply Better.

Constructed with premium fabrics, such as organic cotton, sustainable hemp and linen.
The Mr Simple collection focuses on cut, fabric and quality. Logos and branding are kept to a minimum so your personal style can say it all.

Men’s Clothing Stores in Byron Bay Where Your Style Is the Star – Not the Logo: Shop MR SIMPLE

Not too long ago, shoppers were dressing themselves head-to-toe in clothes covered in logos. This was a sign of success and wealth. These days, things have changed; people are going out of their way to remove the logos from their clothing. There are tutorials online teaching readers how to remove logos stitched onto clothing without leaving visible signs; people are removing writing stamped on vinyl with nail polish remover.

Why do millennials seem to prefer clothes with no logos or labels? Firstly, people are transforming themselves into their own “brands” now, thanks to Instagram, Twitter, and the like. Advertising someone else’s product in photos has less appeal now that everyone is in the public eye. Similarly, getting rid of someone else’s identity allows you to create your own. You may appreciate the quality of the items sold in certain men’s clothing shops in Byron Bay, but their label might symbolise something that doesn’t align with your desired image (younger or older shoppers, for instance). Logos have also been regarded as a bit gauche as of late. Instead, today’s shoppers want quality clothing, beautiful fabrics, and neat finishes.

How Men’s Clothing Stores in Byron Bay Have Responded

In response to the departure from visible branding, many clothing shops have toned down their logos. For MR SIMPLE, clothing free of logos and especially obvious labels was part of how and why we got our start in the first place. We began as The Lab Store in 2003, but as we struggled to find tasteful, classic clothing without prominent logos, we realised that we needed to make our own. We started making tees, sweats, and chinos in 2007, and MR SIMPLE was born.

In addition to selling clothes consumers want (simple clothing free of prominent logos), we also focus on being a responsible company. For us, that means that we are conscientious of the people who make our clothes, the places where we acquire our materials, and our company culture.

Men’s Clothing Store in Byron Bay, MR SIMPLE

If you’re looking for a great store that sells men’s clothing in Byron Bay, you’ve come to the right place. Our stores strive for simplicity in design, blending function and form. We create simple, classic clothing for inspired men. Our products are ethically designed and made, honed to a fine aesthetic point. We pay close attention to fit, fabric, and colour so that our customers look their very best. We value each person involved in the process of making MR SIMPLE products; we work with carefully chosen factories to ensure the well-being of our entire staff. We use organic materials, premium fabrics, and ethical factories so that you can feel great about buying our clothes – and feel great in them, too. If you don’t like labels and logos all over your clothes, and prefer to let your own style show instead, shop MR SIMPLE: Not basic. Simply better.