Nowadays, it seems as if many of the major clothing brands are more interested in pasting their logos everywhere than manufacturing clothes that are stylish because of their look. It's like creating a design that's only fit for now is crucial so that people will buy into next season's range as soon as the TV demands it. Maybe they're failing to realise that people want to define fashion rather than be defined by it, and sometimes, simplicity says more about our attitudes than in-your-face graphics. Besides, how many washes does it takes for those ostentatious graphics to fade?

While we like to look good, we want clothes that will remain timelessly stylish, and that means they need to be durable and high-quality, and won't spoil after the first tumble dry or make us look like we belong in the past when the new summer range comes out. We don't want mass-produced clothes from factories with poor standards for workers, and we'd rather avoid t-shirts that transform us into walking posters. We're not buying clothes to let people know which brands we like. Rather, we're purchasing practical clothing that reflects who we are – or that's what we want, at least.

Now, there's finally a men's clothing store in Melbourne that's perfect for you, with clothes made to make you feel confident in who you are rather than just proud of the way you appear. At MR SIMPLE, our goal isn't to become a dominant force in the clothing industry thanks to logos that practically punch people in the face as you go by and make you look like a product of your attire. Instead, our clothing is an extension of your personality; a fine-tuned, switched on man with an admiration for style, not a robot-like need to conform to the latest marketing campaigns.

Men's Clothing Shops in Melbourne that Respond to Rather Than Define Your Preferences

It's not about fitting in or standing out – it's simply about loving the clothes we wear, and simplicity is where we excel. Simplicity doesn't mean basic nor does it convey laziness. It means not needing to prove to the world that we're different because we already know we're unique. As we mature and leave our boyhood years behind, we realise that being who we are isn't about trying to be something we're not. However, just because we don't want to conform and stand in line doesn't mean we want to give up style just to prove a point.

Now, your wait for men's clothing stores in Melbourne to adapt to what you want is over. We manufacture our clothes from sustainable materials, such as cotton, hemp, and linen, and we assure you our ethics are in the right place. We're not just some giant brand that's looking to take over the world and people's minds just to make a profit in the process. We're a company that wants a fairer world in which people can flourish and adopt a style that suits who they are.

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We opened the doors to our first shop in Melbourne in 2008, and because of our simple message and honest mission, we now have stores in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Byron Bay. Men's clothing in Melbourne is finally going in your direction, so check out our range online or visit us at any of our seven (and soon to be more) Melbourne stores to chat with us in person. You'll probably find we have a lot in common.