The fashion industry spends a lot of time, money, and energy telling you what you must do: wear this, buy that, pair this top with those pants, and so on. However, for some reason, they remain tight-lipped when it comes to talking sustainable fashion. Sure, you’re aware that a wardrobe made of sustainable products has benefits that one made of traditional fabrics doesn’t, but what benefits, exactly? Why is it better to buy sustainable, and where can you find clothing such as men’s shirts on the Gold Coast made by responsible companies?

Better for the Earth

The environmental footprint left behind by the fashion industry is huge, from the landfill impact of worn-out clothes to the pesticides used in growing cotton to the energy it takes to produce clothing. Conventional cotton clothing requires massive amounts of chemicals. When you choose sustainable, organic fabrics, you can decrease your carbon footprint as well as the chemicals you bring into your home.

Better for People

When you purchase sustainable men’s dress shirts on the Gold Coast and other clothing, you help your fellow human beings in many ways. First, you support clothing that was produced in safe working conditions. There are no sweatshops, and you can be sure that the people who made your garments earned fair wages. That’s doing a lot of good in an industry known for unsavoury labour practices and harmful cost-cutting.

Better for Animals

Those leather boots might be beautiful, but are they really worth the life of the animal that gave up its skin for them? The same goes for fur. Vegans take this refusal to cause animal suffering as far as not buying anything made of silk or wool. Stocking your closet with men’s flannel shirts on the Gold Coast and other cruelty-free fabrics allows you the freedom of getting dressed without worrying that your outfit is the result of animal suffering.

Longer Lasting

You know you’re making less toxic choices by buying clothes made from organic, renewable fibres, but did you know that these pieces can also be timeless and durable? You don’t need to buy trendy organic pieces that will only last you one season. Instead, invest in classic shapes and fool proof styles, such as men’s long sleeve shirts on the Gold Coast. When you buy clothes that last longer, you reduce waste and cut back on consumerism, helping out the earth (and your wallet) in the process.

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