There are a few difficult things that every adult man comes face to face with upon escaping from the naivety of boyhood. Number one: shaving your neck without nicking yourself is pretty tough. Number two: good deodorant is among the most indispensable luxuries of the modern age. Number three: finding well-fitting men’s long sleeve shirts is HARD. Melbourne knows this well, despite the city’s variety of shops and brands. Not only do you have to find something that fits your body; you’ll also have to make sure it’s suitable for the lifestyle you have. Trying to satisfy both requirements can feel like an impossible task at times—but don’t worry; there’s an easy solution.

That’s right, guys: there’s nothing wrong with your body. Somewhere out there, some shirts will fit you just right. You simply need to track them down. Furthermore, there’s no reason to feel guilty for wanting a shirt for all activities. After all, you aren’t going to the trouble of buying new clothes so that you can ruin them the first time you break a sweat or take a spill. You shouldn’t have to give up the hobbies you love, and you shouldn’t have to keep replacing fragile shirts. You should be able to buy attractive men’s shirts in the Melbourne area that look great on you and will stand up to serious use.

These criteria should never change, whether you’re looking for a flannel or men’s dress shirts. Melbourne is a big city after all—there should be somewhere you can go for an outfit that satisfies. Stick to your standards, blokes; they got you this far. You didn’t grow up and start buying your own clothes so that you could be forced to compromise on the style that makes you feel like yourself.

Your Source for Men’s Shirts in Melbourne

The next time you’re looking for men’s long sleeve shirts in the Melbourne area, consider the stock offered by MR SIMPLE. We’re a Melbourne based business established in 2008, and we’ve since grown to open successful locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and several other areas. Our philosophy is simple: we pay attention to fit, fabric, and colour to provide you with shirts that achieve a perfect union of form and function. You’ll look great in our men’s flannel shirts, and Melbourne customers will find our products ideal for all kinds of adventures—in the city and beyond.

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Make your next fashion statement a bold and timeless one when you purchase long sleeve shirts from MR SIMPLE. Order online, or come into our Melbourne store for a more hands-on experience with our dress and flannel shirts. Our friendly representatives will also be more than happy to find you a fit, recommend you a style or show you a bargain that you’ll feel comfortable and sophisticated wearing. Fashion shouldn’t be complicated. It should be easy, even—dare we say it—simple. See you soon.