Not Basic. Simply Better.

Constructed with premium fabrics, such as organic cotton, sustainable hemp and linen.
The Mr Simple collection focuses on cut, fabric and quality. Logos and branding are kept to a minimum so your personal style can say it all.

Look Good in Sydney With Men's Dress Shirts, Flannel, and Long Sleeve Shirts from MR SIMPLE

We are not defined by the clothes we wear, but we can use them to define our style. Our style, by extension, is an expression of our personality. Through the clothes we choose to wear, we can showcase a little bit about who we are to everyone else. Comfort and a good fit are just as important as style as well. Whether you are shopping for men's dress shirts in Sydney, or flannel is on your wish list, it can sometimes be difficult to find clothing that meshes with your style. That's even more likely if you dislike wearing clothing that looks more like a brand advertisement than a personal expression.

MR SIMPLE offers a different take on modern clothing for young men. With a radically different approach to creating clothing and a deep commitment to being a responsible company, you can find the men's shirts in Sydney you've been wanting. Free from ostentatious logos or any branding, you can build a look based on clean and simple concepts. Just because they are simple does not mean they are basic, though — instead, we create clothing that is simply better. From jackets and pants to flannel and long sleeve shirts, we provide everything you need for a man's wardrobe.

A unique source for men's shirts in Sydney

We do not believe in convoluted clothing; choosing what you wear shouldn’t be a difficult guessing game where you are never certain what works best. The simplicity found throughout our collections is about going back to basics and then making something altogether new and yet familiar. When you visit one of our locations to purchase men's long sleeve shirts in Sydney, it is easy to see right away the difference in craftsmanship and design.

For the man who likes to be comfortable and look good without pretension, the timeless look of flannel has its home in MR SIMPLE's stores. Upgrade to our well-cut dress shirts to make an impression on a date or to dress for success. Feeling confident in the clothing you wear will allow you to project that feeling in your interactions. It doesn't require a complicated ensemble to make that happen; all one needs is the aesthetic vision at MR SIMPLE.

Begin fitting out your wardrobe with MR SIMPLE

For an entirely new way to approach buying men's flannel shirts in Sydney, just walk into a MR SIMPLE store. By the time you walk out, you will have everything you need to dress to impress on your next night out on the town. Turn heads wherever you go by unifying your style with our extensive collection. Pick up the long sleeve shirts you need for a less casual look, or choose a more formal style beginning with our dress shirts. For the active and contemporary man of Sydney, let MR SIMPLE be like your own tailor. Browse our collections online now, or visit us in person today.