Not Basic. Simply Better.

Constructed with premium fabrics, such as organic cotton, sustainable hemp and linen.
The Mr Simple collection focuses on cut, fabric and quality. Logos and branding are kept to a minimum so your personal style can say it all.

Eco-Conscious Men’s Jumpers Here in Melbourne

Clothing is necessary for most settings. Therefore, it’s easy to take clothing for granted or see it as an unavoidable evil. As such, clothing has become a big industry with rotating cycles and short-lived fads. Media impresses upon us that we must follow the latest trends, like the Men’s Jumper, to fit into Melbourne style. It gets harder to find classic looks that match multiple pieces in your wardrobe. Likewise, we have been conditioned to accept low-quality clothing. When our favourite pieces start disintegrating through washing and regular wear, we remain complacent and look to replace it. This constant need to collect new looks requires a steady turnover in our closets.

The truth about clothing production, however, goes deeper than a scheme to take our hard-earned money. Mainstream mass-production of most clothing sold every day has many flaws. Not only is the current trend to plaster logos and brands onto every piece of apparel, but high demand across a global market has traded traditional high-quality biodegradable textiles for low-quality fabric blends partially composed of plastics and derived from oil. Plastic isn’t biodegradable. When we started MR SIMPLE, we wanted to get back to the use of high-quality textiles that are durable, comfortable, not covered in brands, and do not add more plastic into our ecosystem.

MR SIMPLE Brings Men’s Wool Jumpers to Melbourne

Born in Melbourne in 2008, MR SIMPLE is your source for sustainably-sourced and fairly-produced men’s jumpers for Melbourne shoppers. We believe in fair trade and eco-responsibility all the way up to our supply chain. Although our pieces are manufactured in distant lands such as China, Vietnam, and India, we ensure consistent quality and uphold our progressive process standards through frequent visits to production facilities and 3rd-party audits. From the retail floor, all the way to the cotton mill, the safety of our labour forces is our priority; followed closely by sustainability and eco-friendliness. We are committed to continual improvement in our processes. We pride ourselves in the fact that shipments of men’s sweaters to our Melbourne headquarters are dyed in such a way that no harmful chemicals infiltrate the fresh water supply. Come in today and see why MR SIMPLE has the men’s wool jumpers in Melbourne flying off the shelves.

Shop Men’s Sweaters in Melbourne With Ease

We value simplicity. We produce classic, timeless pieces in neutral tones that make it possible for your new men’s jumpers from Melbourne to match any accessory you have in your wardrobe. Wear jumpers as a complete look, or add one of our soft, comfortable men’s sweaters also available at our Melbourne stores. Browse online and see our entire collection of timeless, interchangeable pieces. Place an order or come down to one of our open-space, no-hassle, clutter-free, storefronts. Locate the trending men’s wool jumpers seen around Melbourne from the moment you step inside. You might be coming in to see what all the fuss is about, but you’ll stay for the comfortably fitting, long-lasting, durable clothing line. MR Simple changes how you think and shop for clothing. Come in, today.