Hello, Spring.

Mr Simple welcomes our all new Spring range, Drop 1. Earthy tones are balanced out by crisp whites and classic darks. Natural fabric choices such as linen, organic cotton and hemp make this our most curated and eco-friendly collection to date. We are proud to present a collection that sees us embrace change and continue moving in a positive direction.

Blakely Linen Shirt

Warmer days in Australia call for a balance between comfort and style. The classic white Blakely linen shirt is exactly that, lightweight, soft and airy, making it the perfect summer shirt.

Brooklyn Cropped Chino Pant

A blend of classic workwear pants of the past and current cropped pant trends. The relaxed fitting Brooklyn chino has been designed to be rolled at the cuff, revealing your best-patterned socks or alternatively, plain socks for a more tonal look.

Graphic T-Shirts

Getting us in the mood for Sunday rooftop hangs are the art based t-shirts making a return for Spring. Detailed bird patterns, abstract butterflies and hand painted stripes are constructed with sustainable cotton.

Tanner Linen Short

Our love affair with Linen originally begun with the Tanner short. A relaxed fitting short cut just above the knee, it's the perfect everyday short that's easily dressed up for a smarter Sunday lunch. Spring sees the introduction of the all-new fatigue colour and navy colour.

Washed Pocket T-Shirts

The foundations of Mr Simple are built on the love of plain t-shirts. The Nara adds a few extra layers to the foundation, with a left chest pocket and washed back appearance.

Classic Stripe T-Shirt

A staple in the Mr Simple range is our classic stripe tees. Spring sees the introduction of the Breton in white and black. A slightly dropped tail and left chest pocket add a level of stylistic detail.

Burbank Beach Short

The Burbank is all about choice, a mix of fabrications from organic cotton, hemp and chambray give you the option to choose what best suits you and your style.

The coming months will see regular drops from Mr Simple. A strong theme continues throughout the range; earthy colours balance crisp whites while fabrication and manufacturing choices see us moving in a positive direction of change. Our belief is that clothing is not simply about looking good, rather, understanding what impact our choices have on the environment, the people that make it and the people that wear it; together we can continue on a path of positive change.


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