This privacy statement is to make aware the buyer of all information gathered by Mr Simple via the internet, include without limitation, by the way of the Mr Simple website located at


Mr Simple understands and wholly recognises the importance of protecting all privacy; nothing withheld, of our client's personal and financial information and acts, and always will act in accordance with the aforementioned. Mr Simple operates without hesitation to keep all records private, all of this information at the time of registration will not be used for any unsolicited communication. When registering with the Mr Simple Online Store you give Mr Simple your consent to hold your personal data in accordance with this online privacy policy and for and only for the purposes described below.





In order for Mr Simple to uphold a strong customer/brand relationship and to make sure that Mr Simple keep on giving back the service in which Mr Simple's loyal customers deserve, the information collected is used for these reasons.

- To study and observe buying trends from the buyer.

- To understand when and from where purchases are coming from

- To use this information above in order to allow Mr Simple's loyal customers the right to be included in specials and weekly deals, all of which the customer can opt out from.

- To use this information to allow the customer to have complete understanding of all things Mr Simple for the future.





Mr Simple Online uses Shopify as their third party website hosting. Shopify uses the highest in technology to secure and collate all information provided through the site. Through Shopify, the Mr Simple Online Store uses PayPal Secure Technology as their trusted payment gateway. NO payment information is given in whole to Mr Simple, it is all secure using their highest paid secure gateway to ensure that all of Mr Simple's loyal customers are treated correctly.

The only information that Mr Simple obtains, as mentioned previously, help Mr Simple to locate the customer, identify their shopping trends, understand purchasing history all in order to give back to the Mr Simple customers correctly.



To protect all personal information, Mr Simple takes only the highest precautions and follow only the best industry practices to make sure that it is not inappropriately misused, accessed, lost, disclosed, altered or destroyed.

All credit card information obtained through third party site PayPal and their highest secure gateway is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored with an AES-256 encryption that takes a trillion years to decipher and is the industry standard. If you have any questions regarding this policy or any of the Mr Simple policies, please make sure that you contact us immediately at

In the case of fraudulent behaviour, or if an order is to be noted as fraudulent, Mr Simple reserves the right to hold all stock until the purchase has been cleared or deemed safe. We hold this right as a duty of care held towards all parties involved with the transactions, picking, picking and shipping of the goods involved. 






During the event of a sales period or for items already marked down from their original recommended retail price, all discount codes and promotional codes may not be used. Mr Simple holds the ability to withhold any stock or refuse/revoke any purchase made during these circumstances.


Mr Simple also holds the right to refuse or revoke any order in which a discount code is used even on products that aren't sales items. Mr Simple further holds the right to refuse orders where the use of a promotional code that has been distributed for multiple usages has been applied.


For all orders that are refused or revoked by Mr Simple, the money spent on that order will be refunded using the PayPal refund process.









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