We are not a sustainable company.

This is a term that gets used too liberally when labelling brands that are working on minimising their impact on the planet. Mr Simple is more sustainable than most but we still design, make and distribute products around the world through industrial processes which are not currently sustainable.

We use organic and recycled fabrics as well as bio-degradable packaging but the main area we can make a difference is design. To improve our impact on the planet, we design clothing to last both the rigours of time and the passing trends of the fashion industry.

It’s about style that lasts. The questions we ask are; can this product have a long lifespan in your wardrobe, could it have multiple custodians over its lifespan or end up in a vintage shop and eventually be recycled into new products.

We’re working towards a better future:


Fair Trade can be regarded as a holistic approach empowering workers to enhance their standard of living and treat them fairly, at the same time having minimum impact on the environment. In order to obtain ‘Fair Trade Certification’ the factories have to undergo a rigorous certification process to pass on 302 criteria. We will be releasing our ‘Fair Trade’ collection over the coming months, with our range of ‘Fair Trade Certified’ fleece about to drop.


Less chemicals are used in the production of our organic cotton materials, which is better for farmers and the environment. This also protects the biodiversity and sustainable future of cotton production. Organic cotton is used in our T-shirts, Waffle’s, Chino’s and Jumpers.


Repreve is a brand of recycled fibre that is made from recycled materials including used plastic bottles, which in turn is used to make sustainable clothing items and other products. Our best-selling resort shorts are made using this fibre. 

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