Build Your Own Vintage-Style Stereo Speakers

Match your record player’s vintage aesthetic with these DIY speakers that sound much better than they have any right to.

 DIY stereo speakers are a popular project, but they often turn out a boring color with the same black speaker cloth that you’d find on any other speaker. Boost your speaker game with these DIY speakers that are designed to look like a guitar amp. By adding a splash of color and corner hardware, you’ve got speakers that perfectly compliment your vintage record player.

The YouTube channel Make Something, has shared a video tutorial about this project. After you’ve assembled your tools and materials, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete.


The speakers are built from birch plywood which is readily available from any home center and you can order the orange tolex, grill cloth, rubber feet, and corner hardware on Amazon.

You can assemble this speaker by switching over the speakers, wires, and terminals from another speaker or go with a DIY speaker kit for less than $100 that has everything you need and will sound much better than old speakers.

Here’s the tutorial with photos and explanations of each step. A table saw, jigsaw, drill press, and nailer will help make the construction process go faster, but you can always substitute other tools in place of these. Just make sure your box is square and your speaker circles are perfectly round.

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Source: Make Something

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