Days and nights are just cycles of the sun and the moon. We have constructed calendars and clocks to approximate lifespans and to try and control what is uncontrollable; to give life a path; to allow conformity, more so, to encourage it and a false sense of comfort.

If we strip away time – hours, minutes, seconds – and focus on what’s left, what is left?

We have moments of opportunity succeeding one another to chase a desire.

We, simply, have energy, all around us, to tap into, to inspire a life fulfilled.

We can only try and be happy. It takes an individual some courage and focus to gain the clarity necessary to find it… but it is in the pursuit that we are offered opportunities to greater happiness because we grow, of fulfillment of a larger entity because we have grown.

What makes you happy?

Gratitude, and spending moments not thinking about time.

Don’t waste cycles on things that serve no purpose to your happiness.




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