Herschel Supply Co. Spring 2016

Canadian mega brand Herschel Supply Co have just released their brand new Spring 2016 range.

Far beyond everyday horizons, a calming ocean breeze skims across the waves towards a tropical paradise. Drawing from sun drenched discoveries of leisure and natural beauty, global accessories brand Herschel Supply proudly presents the bountiful Spring 2016 Collection.

Premium finishes and evocative materials like vibrant woven straw, ballistic fabric, innovative self-healing ripstop and lustrous nylon adorn this extensive Spring offering. Refreshing seasonal tones and custom prints pull inspiration from vibrant skies and palm fringed sanctuaries.

Among the selection of new backpack silhouettes, a full-sized rendition of the popular Dawson is introduced alongside the cleanly designed Iona. Herschel Supply’s highest volume tote, the Bamfield, joins the Point as welcomed additions to the Spring line. The updated Women’s offering includes exciting new crossbody, backpack, shoulder bag and clutch silhouettes that are elegantly styled.

Herschel Supply Co’s Spring season will arrive in Australian shores early February.

Check out Herschel Supply Co’s Spring range here.

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Check out Herschel Supply Co’s Spring range here.


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