Mount Edith Cavell Hike

Mount Edith Cavell  hike is one of the finest in Jasper National Park. The trailhead is located on the south side of the parking lot, next to the view point wall. This hike has several variations from an easy walk towards Cavell pond or a half day hike to Cavell Meadows Summit. Allow 4 to 5 hours return to the summit of Cavell Meadows.

The trail is paved for the first few hundred meters starting near the tourist wall. You can take an easy walk straight towards Cavell Kettle Lake which is what most of the tourist do or take the more demanding left trail upwards towards Cavell Meadows. As you work your way up to the meadows, views of Mount Edith Cavell, Angel Glacier, Cavell Glacier are stunning.

In the spring and early summer wildflowers will be blooming all around you.

The Cavell Meadows trail is essentially a large loop leading towards a rocky knoll located below Cavell Meadows Summit, total elevation gain to this point is 526m. This view point can be crowed but not near as bad as Cavell Pond below. If you want to escape all the crowds keep working your way up the rock and scree to the top of the Summit. Views from this point just don’t get any better than this. From the summit you can see the top of the Angel Glacier, Cavell Glacier, Cavell Kettle Lake below and the north & south Jasper Park Way. Mount Columbia on the south horizon and the daunting huge north face of Mount Edith Cavell are stunning.

Cavell Glacier
Cavell Glacier

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