The Holidays

Who doesn’t love a good holiday?

Washed in sunshine and the nostalgic glow of yesteryear, The Holidays camp community offers a throwback camping experience along Southern California’s scenic coastline.

Inspired by a 2012 Sunset Magazine article about vintage campers, local entrepreneurs Andrew Bryan Jones and Kellen Van Ausdal wanted to recapture the classic #campvibes of the 1960s. In order to make this dream a reality, they found a surprisingly accommodating partner in California’s chronically underfunded State Park system.


Eager to find an additional source of revenue, San Clemente State Beach welcomed Andrew and Kellen’s proposal and offered to lease out four of their campsites. This hybrid business model – a cross between an AirBnB and a camping reservation – allows the Holidays to offer an elevated outdoor experience within a traditional campground setting.  Huckberry_Shelter_The_Holidays_Fresh_Off_the_Grid_2

Located on a picturesque ocean bluff, the retro Shasta trailers look completely in their element. Other guests from surrounding campsites often drift by to look, take pictures, and attempt to guess what year they were made. Everyone remarks on how well restored they look, but the truth is: they’re actually brand new.  Huckberry_Shelter_The_Holidays_Fresh_Off_the_Grid_5

Shasta originally began producing travelers in 1941 for the military. But, as the US interstate highway system expanded in the 1950s, more and more Americans were struck by a desire to travel the country. Shasta helped fuel this wanderlust by producing a line of distinctive looking travels trailers, commonly referred to as “ toasters on wheels.”


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