The Suburbs are a design studio that hails from the long white cloud. Based south of Auckland, New Zealand this design based studio does just about everything. Operated by a couple of long time mates Tim Donaldson and Chris Johnson, they are steering the creative world of New Zealand in the right direction.

They design websites, fonts, houses made from recycled windows and whatever their creative minds can think of next.


Otama Font


Bunker Pendant Light

In the midst of launching their new online store their imaginative flair won’t stop until they have tried it, handcrafting everything from scratch. Already the store has Designer Desks, Bunker Table Lights and Pendant Lights all uniquely hand made from concrete and look extremely new age industrial, Imprint stools that are completely on trend, fonts, handmade cups and on top of this they also run and own an organic tea company – Informal Tea . You will have to be quick as everything they create is quickly snapped up due to their authenticity.


Handmade Cup

It’s the detail and the finish that sets The Suburbs apart and we hope that they continue their creative prowess to bring more functional, designed based everyday goods to our doorsteps that are handcrafted and thought about. No doubt they are already in the process of creating something useful that we didn’t know we need right now.


Afternoon Desk


Bunker Table Light

Imprint Stool



Angled Trestle Desk


Angled Trestle Desk

Green House designed by Chris Johnson – Source: Fashion Quarterly Magazine NZ.

Check out their Tea Range – Here are a few of our favorites:

Berries Etc.

It’s Chai

Classic Black

Contact Details

For Web, Branding and Graphic Design, Contact Tim Donaldson:

For Product, 3D and Spacial Design you may Contact Chris Johnson:
+64 022 424 7475


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