Tips You Need To Know Before Building A Shipping Container Home

One of the more niche trends in sustainable design of the past few years has been the re-use of shipping containers in order to create the structure of a building. Due to their convenient size, shipping containers are well-suited for use in houses and their appeal lies in their apparent simplicity: you get a room delivered in one piece, and you can stack them together to make multiple rooms or join them up to make larger rooms.

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But of course, things are never so simple, and using shipping containers to make a house is still fraught with challenges – particularly as the idea is still relatively new, so there are few people with the expertise required to build one without a hitch.

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That’s why the folks over at Container Home Plans reached out to 23 experts from around the world – designers and owners who have overcome the challenges to build their own container houses – to ask them what they wish they’d known before taking on this challenge. Here are 11 tips they put together when looking to buy a shipping container.

1. Make Sure You See The Containers You’re Buying

2. Or, Spend A Little Extra On A One-Trip Container

“I wish I had known that it doesn’t cost that much more for a One-Trip container and they are like brand new.”
– Larry Wade, seacontainercabin

3. Read Up On Your Local Rules

Every country has its own set of rules and standards. This means a container hour is US does not look like a container house in Denmark. That is something most people do not think about. The container is a generic product, but climate, fire regulations etc are not…”
– Mads Møller from Aarcgency, designer of the WFH House

See the Remaining 8 tips and more images from HERE



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