Chinos are arguably the most versatile type of pants available. They can be dressed up or down, and you can wear them with a variety of tops, shoes, and other men’s accessories to create outfits for many different occasions. Chinos are the perfect casual staple to stock up on and having a few good pairs in your closet will make getting dressed most days simple and enjoyable. Chinos are widely accepted these days, and you can even wear these versatile pants as part of your modern workplace style.

The terms “khakis” and “chinos” are often used interchangeably. The correct term is, in fact, “chinos,” which refers to the pants themselves. “Khaki” refers to the most popular colour of chinos, although you can buy them in most any colour. Chinos also come in more formal and more casual styles. Formal chinos look more like dress trousers and have features such as extended tab waistband closures, pleats (optional), cuffs, and so on. Casual chinos look a little more like your favourite pair of jeans, with side pockets, flat felled seams, and a standard hem.

Wearing men's chinos on the Gold Coast is easy. For example, let’s say you want to wear your chinos to work. Pair them with a dress shirt, a tie, a sports coat, and loafers. If this is too formal for your office environment, you can dress them down by leaving off the tie, choosing a sports shirt instead of a dress shirt, or wearing sneakers. If you’d like to wear your chinos in a casual, non-work scenario, you can feel free to treat them just like jeans: they go with t-shirts, sweaters, sneakers, flip-flops – anything goes, and you’ll be just as comfortable while looking better, smarter, and more put-together.

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